Working in Ireland

Are you a pharmacist? Do you speak English? Do you want to travel, experience new cultures, all while earning up to four times your current salary? If the answer is yes to these questions, then you should consider moving to Ireland.

Ireland boasts an excellent quality of living; whether you like big cities or a countryside lifestyle we have an option for you. As a pharmacist in Ireland you will be a highly respected member of the community, central to the healthcare system. Financially you will be better off too, many pharmacists salaries start at 50,000 euro a year.

It is not a straightforward task to move to Ireland and start working however. There are regulations and exams that must be passed in order to succeed as a pharmacist in Ireland. 

Regulations and Exams needed

Completion of paperwork with the PSI (Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland)
English language exam (IELTS) must be passed at Grade 7 or higher

Potential Difficulties

Understanding pharmacy prescription systems and laws
Finding on-the-job training by yourself
Adapting to a new culture - accommodation, social events etc

How we can help?

Clarity Academy can help you overcome all these challenges and succeed in your career in Ireland. The academy is a joint venture between three established businesses:  


Babel Academy of English

The Babel Academy of English allows you to learn English in Dublin. They will rigorously prepare you for the exam over an 8 week period, ensuring complete immersion in Irish culture by providing accommodation with an Irish family for the entire course.

The Excellent Pharmacist Academy

Founded by practicing pharmacist, Ayo Onamusi. The Excellent Pharmacist Academy will teach you about the laws and systems of Irish Pharmacies. This knowledge will allow you to adapt to the Irish Pharmacy community in a structured and successful way.

Clarity Locums

Founded by pharmacist Anthony O’Neill, Clarity Locums services all the major chains in Ireland. During your course, Clarity Locums will provide training placements in local pharmacies. Once registered as a pharmacist, they will be on hand to provide work all across Ireland.