Working in Ireland

Are you thinking about moving from the UK to Ireland? Maybe you are Irish and are looking at returning home, or maybe you have lived in the UK your entire life and are looking for a new challenge! Either way Clarity Academy can help.


What advantages does working in Ireland hold over the UK?

Higher rates
More autonomy
More diverse range of employers
More patient interaction

Unfortunately, it's not all plain sailing! There are huge differences in how schemes are administered between the countries. For instance an innocuous looking 4 item script in Ireland could be spread across 4 relatively complex schemes, resulting in multiple computer print outs and, depending on the dispensing system you are using, could result in entering and leaving the PMR a number of times. Luckily Clarity Academy can make your transition to Ireland as seamless as possible!

So, what's the best way to go about moving to Ireland?

Decide where you want to live

There are huge differences in the cost of living between the different regions of Ireland. Locum rates and wages also vary from region to region. Clarity Academy are experts in this area so call our office to discuss your options if you are trying to decide where you would like to work.

Organise shadowing in a local pharmacy

Clarity Academy will work with you to ensure you can train in a pharmacy prior to taking up any locum work.

Sign up for an intensive day long course with Excellent Pharmacist Academy

Clarity Academy work closely with Ireland’s number one pharmacist training academy, Excellent Pharmacist Academy. The day long course will help bring you up to speed with Ireland's schemes and systems, along with a whole host of helpful tips. 

Decide if you want to locum or work fulltime

Clarity Academy works closely with the team in Clarity Locums to bring you a list of the best locum and full time jobs across the country, taking all of the hassle of your jobs search.