Webinar - How to Work as a Pharmacist in Ireland - EU Pharmacists Only

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We are going to be hosting a FREE LIVE webinar on Monday the 26th of March 7.30pm - 8.30pm  (Irish Time). Please Note that the clock moves forward on Sunday the 25th of March, so it could be in a different time to when you are reading this.

In the Webinar, We will have 3 speakers from Babel School of English, Clarity Locums, and Excellent Pharmacist Academy. 

We will cover topics such as 

  • English language requirements to work in Ireland
  • How to register with the Pharmacy Society of Ireland
  • How to get a job in Ireland after you are registered
  • How we can help you move over and settle in  including accommodation and work experience
  • Training to get up to speed with the Irish System of Pharmacy
  • The services we offer to pharmacists who are looking to move back to Ireland after studying abroad or those who want to move over for the first time. 

All Attendees of the webinar will be able to ask questions after the presentation as well and will leave with all the information and steps that are required to work and practice in Ireland. 


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